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We at Self Love Cosmetics are committed to spreading the message of love, compassion, and caring for others. We currently sponsor the following non-profit organizations and encourage you to take the time to visit their sites and become involved. Make a difference today!


Wells Bring Hope is a wonderful non-profit that drills wells to provide safe water for the people of Niger, West Africa, the poorest country in the world.  In Niger, 61% of people lack safe water and 96% lack basic sanitation. 1 in 7 children die before the age of 5 due to unsafe water. Women and girls suffer most as they are the ones responsible for walking 4-6 miles a day to find water that is often contaminated.  Girls miss school to help with this task; as a result, 85% of women in Niger are illiterate. If that weren't bad enough, the journey can be a dangerous one for women and girls who face the risk of rape. By providing safe water, Wells Bring Hope is bringing much needed change and empowerment to the women and children of Niger.


The Free Burma Rangers (FBR) is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement working to bring help, hope and love to people in the conflict zones of Burma, Iraq, and Sudan. Working in conjunction with local ethnic pro-democracy groups, FBR trains, supplies, and later coordinates with what become highly mobile multipurpose relief teams. After training these teams provide critical emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and human rights documentation in their home regions.


The Sanctuary is a 123-acre refuge in New York's Hudson Valley for eleven species of farmed animals rescued from cruelty, neglect, and abandonment. Over 4,000 animals have been rescued since 2001. Between 250 and 350 residents call the Sanctuary home at any given time.